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How to Register for CHOICE

CHOICE is a referral program with a class size limit. Therefore, registration for CHOICE typically begins with a referral from the student's high school or middle school counselor. Referrals can either be made for the current or following school year.

If a referral occurs, the CHOICE head teacher and principal will review the student's transcript, attendance, special services, and discipline information to determine if he or she is a good fit for the program. If the student is deemed a viable candidate, the counselor will then contact the student/parent to communicate the possibility of entering the CHOICE program and to determine interest.

Prior to registration, an intake meeting will be scheduled. This meeting should be attended by a counselor or administrator from the receiving and incoming schools as possible, the student candidate, the parents/guardians as appropriate to the individual situation, and a case manager if the student receives special services. Every incoming student must complete a registration packet, and pay any fees associated with the program.

Please note:
-If a student does not attend a Riverview School, the intake meeting cannot occur at the RLC until the student's records have been received and reviewed. In this case, the principal will only attend the meeting as appropriate.

-If a current Riverview School District student and/or parent contacts the CHOICE program directly, they will be referred back to the high school or middle school counselor for consultation unless there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant a different process.

Riverview Alternative Programs Statement of Understanding

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