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PARADE Program 

The K-12 PARADE Program was created to support families who want to home-educate their children, in collaboration with the school district. With this program, parents are the primary educators, teaching their child for a minimum of 28 hours K through 12th grade per week, which includes at least 5 hours per week at the Riverview Learning Center.  For Kindergarten only, students are required to attend at least two half days per week.

Challenging academic class offerings are balanced with enrichment courses such as art, drama, computers, textiles, robotics, and many others. As students move from the primary years through high school, the focus of the program gradually shifts and becomes more certificated-teacher directed. This allows high school students to earn credits and graduate with a Riverview School District diploma.

An emphasis of the PARADE Program is to develop passionate life-long learners, caring, respectful citizens, and strong networking support for families who desire this. Activities are hands-on, discussion generating, and engaging. Field trips relating to the class themes occur at least three times a year.

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