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Meet the Principal

Returning to the district she graduated from in 1999, and formerly taught in from 2005-2011, the Riverview School District is excited to welcome Marilee Bosshart back to our Riverview Community. Mrs. Bosshart will begin her new role as Principal of both the Riverview Learning Center and the Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program in the 2022-2023 school year, pending School Board approval later this month.


“What excites me the most is the opportunity to give back to the district that I attended from kindergarten through my senior year,” Bosshart shares. “I am thrilled to come home!”


Bosshart has worked for the last 10 years as a middle school Assistant Principal in the Issaquah School District, spending nine years at Beaver Lake Middle School and one year at Cougar Mountain Middle School. Prior to working in Issaquah, she served as a Dean of Academics in the Orting School District, a job which served as a precursor for the tasks and responsibilities she would have in Issaquah.


Perhaps some will remember Mrs. Bosshart from her years teaching Social Studies at Cedarcrest High School. She was an actively involved staff member, serving on the school’s Site-Based Council and as the Chair of a Curriculum Adoption Committee. Bosshart was also a union representative, ASB Class Advisor, and embraced a variety of additional leadership roles and responsibilities.


“Riverview shares my passion for fostering a safe and inclusive teaching and learning environment for all students, staff and families,” she adds. “With my joint responsibilities at both Riverview Learning Center and Eagle Rock, I will continue to work every day to build connections with students, families, and staff, so I can better understand their story and what obstacles we may face. In many ways, this is my dream job, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to serve the district that educated me, provided me with employment and encouraged me to pursue a career as an administrator.”

I look forward to meeting each student and family!


Marilee Bosshart.

Marilee Bosshart

Marilee Bosshart

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