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Parent Resources

Curriculum Resources

Math Curriculum Recommendations:

Check out this curriculum webpage to see what curriculums are available through PARADE to use with your student.

Math Support Resources:

A Plus Math:    Developed to help students improve their math skills. Students can view step-by-step video explanations from teachers and use digital flashcards and worksheets. The Homework Helper lets them check their solutions. (K-5)

Virtual Manipulatives:  Interactive math activities (organized by grade and subject matter) teach both basic and advanced math concepts, provide practice problems, and allow students to explore and visualize abstract math concepts. (K-12)

Moby Max: Students love the fastest way to learn, teachers love motivated students, parents love the rapid progress.

Cool MathCool Math has free online lessons, math games and fun math activities.

English Language Arts:
Level Books:  Find and level books with Book Wizard. Also, find book talks, lesson plans, author studies, videos, and discussion guides.

KCLS: Homework help, online fun, booklists, ebooks, Global Reading Challenge, story times and programs.

Literacy Works: Fantastic resource for struggling readers. The content consists of current and past news stories on topics such as the environment, politics, science, culture, and adventure. Students may choose to read the text, listen to the text, or view a short video clip of the story. Each module includes interactive activities to test vocabulary and comprehension. (MS, HS)

Science News for Students:  Online Science magazine for kids

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association website for kids

The American Museum of Natural History's Science Website for Kids

Plastic Pollution

Social Studies:

American History resource Provides supplemental materials for teaching American History, including an online textbook and historical maps (MS and HS)

Other Sites We Like:

Brain Pop:  Animated science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts & music, English, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for K-12 kids. See Mrs. Schutte for program login.

Khan Academy Learn for free about math, art computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history and more.

Bitesize:  A fun colorful website from the BBC with animation and games for many subjects, grades K-12.

General Information about Alternative Education in Washington State

Washington State Office of Public Instruction

Washington State Alternative Education Laws

Washington Association for Learning Alternatives

Washington Homeschool Organization

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