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How to Register for PARADE

PARADE new student registration process:

The PARADE program offers several information sessions each year. The first is held in January for the following term, and the second is held in May for the following school year. Parents may call the Riverview Learning Center at 425-844-4960 to request information or to have specific questions answered.

Families interested in the PARADE program begin the registration process by scheduling a silent classroom observation by contacting Kris Rodger the building secretary at 425-844-4960

Parents and students when appropriate will then schedule a conference with the principal to discuss the program and whether or not it will be a successful fit for the prospective student. If the PARADE program seems appropriate, parents will then need to schedule a conference through Kris Rodger with the PARADE teacher assigned to the student's grade level. This meeting is necessary in developing the student's Written Student Learning Plan and PARADE schedule. The last step of registration is to complete and return a registration packet, obtain records from previous schools, and pay any fees associated with the classes the student enrolls in.

A student may enter the PARADE program at any time during the year.

PARADE Enrollment FAQ's

Riverview New Student Registration Forms:

Riverview Alternative Programs Statement of Understanding

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